Three-language books on President Ho Chi Minh published in Thailand

26/12/2020| 16:03

TGVN. A set of precious books about President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary activities in Thailand has been compiled by researchers from the two countries.

Three-language books on President Ho Chi Minh published in Thailand

Dr. Truong Thi Hang presented the book to Rector of Rajabhat University Assoc.Dr. Kittisak Samuttharak.

Dr. Truong Thi Hang, currently teaching at Rajabhat Lampang University, has made great contributions to this set of books. They are published in three languages including Vietnamese, Thai and English.

In 2019, Dr. Truong Thi Hang and Professor Chuan Petkaew of Suratthani Rajabhat University in southern Thailand published the book entitled "President Ho Chi Minh: The founders for modern Vietnam-Thailand relations" in Vietnamese and Thai version.

However, with the desire to trasfer valuable information about Ho Chi Minh's journey to convey patriotism among the overseas Vietnamese community in Thailand more widely, the English version of the book has been completed in May 2020 by Assoc. Dr. Prachacksha Saisang, former lecturer at Naresuan University. This is a monograph project to help Thai people and the world have accurate and complete information about President Ho Chi Minh's biography.

Dr. Truong Thi Hang has made great efforts to research and compare Vietnamese and Thai documents to get the most objective information on President Ho Chi Minh’s activities in Thailand for 2 years.

Three-language books on President Ho Chi Minh published in Thailand

The English version of the book following the release of the Thai and Vietnamese versions last year will help the piece reach a wider audience and provide greater insights into President Ho Chi Minh's life and glorious career, especially his deep sentiments for Thailand and its people, including the development of diplomatic ties being both countries.

She hopes that a large number of Thai researchers, lecturers and students will have access to new and accurate resources about President Ho Chi Minh's great life and career.

The biggest difficulty is the lack of documents in Vietnamese, Thai and English on this topic. Therefore, in addition to trying to collect, select and carefully study all related documents, Ms. Truong Thi Hang also asked the assistance of Thai researchers to give readers the most general and accurate overview of President Ho Chi Minh's time in Thailand.

For her, the book entitled "President Ho Chi Minh: The man who laid the foundations for modern Vietnam-Thailand relations" serves as a gratitude and also a message to the generations of overseas Vietnamese-Thai people, especially children, hoping that they always remember their roots, and feel thankful for the previous generations.

An Binh