US magazine runs feature on composer Khac Hung and his global hit

29/4/2020| 9:57

Music magazine Billboard of the United States has published an article titled “Vietnam’s Khac Hung tells story behind his global hit, ‘Washing hand song’”, which praises Vietnamese composer Khac Hung for his contribution in standing with the community in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

After “Ghen Co Vy” went on to become a global hit, composer Khac Hung receives praise from US music magazine Billboard.

The article opens by outlining the COVID-19 situation in the country in relation to Khac Hung’s music, stating that, “When the COVID-19 pandemic was threatening Vietnam, a trio of artists - Khac Hung, Min, and Erik - reunited to remake their 2017 hit "Ghen" with new lyrics, renaming it "Ghen Co Vy."

“Khac Hung, who originally wrote the catchy pop song, wanted to transform it into a public message to help prevent the spread of the virus.

After trending globally and racking up over 40 million views, the Vietnamese song became a surprise hit throughout the world, even being praised on an episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.”

In the article Billboard note their great appreciation of Khac Hung’s talent, an artist who emerged from the Vietnam National Academy of Music and has since gone on to receive five nominations and two awards from the prestigious Dedication Music Awards.

Speaking to Billboard, Khac Hung said, “I am happy and fortunate that people love my music, but I do not create music with that intention in mind. I believe that creating music just to be a 'hitmaker' or follow trends causes an artist to lose his or her musical identity.”

"When I create music, I want it to be authentic, a reflection of who I am. Music for me is not only just a simple passion, but also a place for me to share my passion for life and to express myself freely," he shared. "If I did not write, I would have regret it and would not have an outlet in which to express myself."

Regarding his inspiration to create the remake of "Ghen", he said, "With this new version, we wanted to push the cause of safety awareness among society, whilst at the same time giving hope to everyone to fight against the COVID-19.”

The hit “Ghen Co Vy” was first composed by Khac Hung and features pop stars Min and Erik singing the lyrics which urge people to maintain high levels of hygiene to stop the spread of the virus among the community.

The song features an animated music video which depicts humorous images of the virus as people wear masks and wash their hands.