Culture ministry to produce documentary on the fight against COVID-19

7/4/2020| 10:23

Director of the Culture Ministry’s Cinematography Department Vi Kiến Thành has assigned the Central Documentary and Science Film Studio to produce a documentary on preventing and fighting COVID-19 later this year.

A documentary crew from the Central Documentary and Science Film Studio shoot at Bạch Mai Hospital, an epicentre of the pandemic in Hà Nội. Photo

The documentary, titled Cuộc Chiến Không Giới Hạn (Non-Limited War), will be the first of its kind produced by the ministry to highlight the State’s and public efforts to fight the epidemic, which have been highly appreciated by international community.

The document sent by the Cinematography Department praised the studio’s active response after it completed the script for the documentary. The department has asked the studio to complete the documentary this year instead of 2021 as originally planned.

The department asked the studio to offer profound content, giving a comprehensive review of the war against the epidemic.

The studio was also asked to ensure safety for people filming the show.

The documentary will be directed by Nguyễn Quang Tuấn and written by Vũ Thị Diệp.

“We know the footage we have shot shows an important part of out nation's history when the whole population is working together to wipe out the disease," said Tuấn.

“We are aware of the risks while fulfilling our task and will follow the necessary preventive measures to make sure we don't create an added burden for the national health sector,” he said.

A documentary film crew from VTV7 has also been filming to make another documentary about the epidemic.

The studio was established in 1956 and was among the first professional documentary agencies in Việt Nam.

With a team of experienced directors, cameramen and writers, the studio has produced more than 30,000 documentaries, many of which have won international and domestic prizes. — VNS