Adamant and assertive character of a communal Party Committee female secretary

30/12/2020| 17:30

"As a leader facing an assignment, no matter how hard it is, you will volunteer to go forward first, and do it first". That mindset is also the driving force that motivates the Communal Party Secretary -Le Thi Lua who navigated Viet Thanh commune (Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province) to the early destination of the New Rural Development Program. In her reflection, the greatest happiness of the officials and party members is nothing more than the improved life of their country folks.

Adamant and assertive character of a communal Party Committee female secretaryThe Communal Party Secretary of Viet Thanh commune (Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province) Le Thi Lua. (Photo: Phuong Thanh)


Winning a firm trust of the people

Ms. Le Thi Lua has been working closely with social work and mass organizations in the village and commune since her high school graduation. She has experienced various job positions such as: Head of women’s Union, communal officer in charge of population - family planning, Vice Chairwoman of the People's Council - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee - Chairwoman of the Communal People's Committee, and in 2015 Ms. Lua was entrusted by the local people, voted to be the Secretary of Party Committee, Chairwoman of Viet Thanh Communal People's Committee and she has been working in that position up to now.

Bearing in mind the accountability of the leadership of Communal Party Committee and local authorities, she always strives to study and well implement the Politburo's Directive No.5 on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style. She knows how to make use of the support from upper leaders for learning from the previous leaders’ experiences; she gets to know the minds and aspirations of the people.

In the time of her assignments, she carefully studied the Directives, Resolutions and guideline documents on support policies of the State to advise and propose to the Standing Committee of the Communal Party Committee to propose programs, schemes and master plans, local projects, relevant to people's livelihoods, step by step making the breakthroughs in each field.

Firstly, she defined the personnel preparation as the key task to do, she advised and assigned the tasks for each comrade in the Standing Committee - the Executive Committee to directly participate in activities in the party cells which are not in their residential blocks. She mobilized and rotated the party members from one party cell to another cell where the leadership position in the Party cells is of low operational strength due to clan's bondage. This approach has contributed to improving the leadership capacity of the party committees and cells and created trust among the people.

After the re-organization and the personnel positions were consolidated, she advised the Standing Committee to focus on organizing, propagating, imparting and studying the Directive and Resolution seriously among the cadres, party members and people.

It was a special focus on the New Rural Development Program; implementing the Directive No.5 in association with Central Committee’s Resolution No. 4. On top of it, the officials must learn, understand and impart the requirements of the Directive, Resolutions, and be a bright example at the forefront of all other work, then they could deploy the associate programs for the people to learn.

She herself has always been a leading role, demonstrative in everything, adamant and assertive at work, dared to think, dared to do, and dedicated to her assignments, also responsible for everyone, thus creating consensus among the staff, the Party members and people from all walks of life.

An exemplary locomotive

In previous years, when the New Rural Development Program was not in shape, Viet Thanh had been a commune with many difficulties. The whole commune had roughly 2 kilometers of concrete roads, and the rest was muddy dirt roads in the rainy season. Agricultural production was fragmented, narrow; the value of plants and husbandry was low. The infrastructure had not been built synchronously. The rate of poor households was high. Income per capita was low. People's livelihood faced instability.

With the enthusiasm, eagerness and responsibility, the Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairwoman of the People's Committee Le Thi Lua played the role of the leader to lead Viet Thanh commune to a successful implementation of New Rural Development Program. After only 5 years, the commune has changed rapidly.

Up to now, the main roads have been well paved, many high-rise buildings are constructed to form the mountainous streets, the appearance of the countryside is renewed, the local people's lives have been improved dramatically, the rate of poor households has decreased to 1.4%, the income per capita reached VND 34 million in 2018. The commune has been awarded certificates of merit, certificates of emulation flags for many consecutive years.

In order to help improve people's lives, she advised the party committee and authorities to plan the commune into 3 regions for concentrated economic development. In Dong Phuc, many forest hills are planned for economic afforestation, with cinnamon to be the cash crop with an area of ​​over 500 hectares. Phu Tho - a central area was planned to develop trades and services, combined with concentrated poultry breeding. Lan Dinh - a fertile land area was planned to grow mulberry and raise silkworms with an area of ​​130 hectares.

In particular, in the process of building a commune that meets the new rural development standards, at that time, 4 village cultural houses in the commune had not been built, while the expected time for recognition was only 4 months, the government had no plan for support; the village had no reserved land. She advised the Executive Committee of the communal Party Committee to directly assign highly capable comrades to take charge of each village to build the 4 cultural houses within the earliest completion time.

Adamant and assertive character of a communal Party Committee female secretaryMrs. Pham Thi Thanh Tra - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial People's Council congratulated the 23rd Congress term 2020-2025 of the Viet Thanh communal Party Committee.


Witnessing her exemplary enthusiasm, the officials, party members and people had made great changes in the awareness, thinking and action. People actively participated in production; restructure the planting, and husbandry, contributed money and effort, voluntarily donated over 57,000 m2 of land to realize the construction. From a poor and disadvantaged commune, Yen Thanh has now become a bright demonstrative success of the New Rural Development Program in Tran Yen district.

In 2019, Lua was invited by the Central Propaganda Department to attend a meeting for recognizing and honoring the typical people for their studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style; she attended the exhibition, the honor ceremony of "Modest and Noble Exemplary People” in Hanoi. She was highly praised at the 60th Anniversary of Uncle Ho's visit to Yen Bai province and awarded 12 certificates of merit by the provincial authority.

Phuong Thanh