Vietnamese overseas students in Nancy (France): Learning and following Uncle Ho by doing simple but practical works

29/12/2020| 20:30

Learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality, style is the way for every Party member to enlighten themselves and do simple, practical works that bring about profound and widespread moral and human values.

Vietnamese overseas students in Nancy (France): Learning and following Uncle Ho by doing simple but practical worksStudents and international friends attended the 2019 Gala Night organized by the Viet Nam International Students Association in Nancy - Metz.


In that spirit, Vietnamese overseas students in Nancy (France) have been striving to build an image of a Vietnamese young generation who is always active, creative, and dedicated to bringing Viet Nam “to be well-matched with the world powers” as President Ho Chi Minh’s will.


Learning Uncle Ho about solidarity, love and mutual help


Being infused with Uncle Ho’s teachings, Vietnamese overseas students in Nancy have always maintained their loyalty to the motherland and a clear sense of responsibility in order to dedicate their strength and wisdom to the country's development.

Vietnamese students in Nancy include ones who are studying and researching at all levels of the University of Lorraine, Nancy-Metz, France. They represent a part of the young generation of Viet Nam who is studying and training all over the world. Each person always tries to practice moral qualities, sense of responsibility as well as endeavor to fulfill all their duties.

For Ho Vinh Thanh, learning and following Uncle Ho is having “the sense of responsibility and work, constantly improving knowledge and professional qualifications, expanding cooperation to fulfill assigned tasks”.

In addition, Thanh is fortunate to study in a professional international environment with many good conditions. Therefore, he always wants to contribute a small effort to help other Vietnamese peers who wish to have a chance of overseas study.

For Thai Ha, during her study in France, the meetings and exchanges at cultural activities, traditional Tet celebrations with many countrymen from different parts of Viet Nam have created conditions for her to make new friends, understand each person’s circumstance and try to help others.

For Vietnamese people who are living far away from their homeland, the love, support, solidarity and mutual sharing with fellow citizens are the bond to increase strength, helping the community to overcome difficulties abroad.

Vietnamese overseas students in Nancy (France): Learning and following Uncle Ho by doing simple but practical worksVietnamese female students perform 'Ao dai' - Vietnamese traditional dress at the Tet Gala Night 2019.



Viet Nam's "Ambassadors of culture"


The opportunities to study, research and live abroad are the honor of Vietnamese overseas students as they not only improve their knowledge, intelligence and cultural exchange but also introduce and promote beautiful images of Vietnamese culture, customs and people to international friends, contributing to the development of the country.

On the journey to bring Viet Nam to the world, Vietnamese overseas students in France seem to relive the 1920s period when the young Nguyen Tat Thanh arrived in France to find a way to save the country.

For many years, the Vietnamese Students Association in Nancy-Metz has organized many traditional cultural activities such as the Lunar New Year Gala, sticky rice cake making day, the introduction of food, traditional songs and dances of Vietnamese people, or Vietnamese language courses for foreigners, etc.

These activities have not only helped overseas students to be aware of preserving the traditional cultural values of the nation but also served as opportunities to show Viet Nam’s rich culture to international friends from all over the world.

Vietnamese student Sy Hung always actively participates in social activities held in his residence area such as the football club, the Vietnamese Community in Nancy, the Vietnamese Student Association at Nancy-Metz... Through these activities, he can exchange and share his knowledge about the country and people of Viet Nam, especially food, customs and practices.

"To those friends who have incorrect thoughts about the people and country of Viet Nam, I persistently explained and advocated with the desire to bring a more positive and optimistic view of the culture and tradition of the country,” said Sy Hung.

The acceleration of studying and following Uncle Ho is to spread good deeds, good examples in the community for everyone to emulate. Uncle Ho once said: “Making model of good people, good deeds for daily education is one of the best ways to build the Party, revolutionary organizations, new people, and new life".

His moral ideology is always a profound lesson for each Vietnamese overseas student to learn and practice throughout their life on the journey of building a more developed Viet Nam.

Pham Thai Ha