Volunteers receive second shots of Nanocovax vaccine

21/1/2021| 8:07

Twenty volunteers received their second shots of Nanocovax - a Vietnam-developed COVID-19 vaccine, at the Military Medical University on January 20.

Volunteers receive second shots of Nanocovax vaccine.

Among them, three people, who had been injected with their first dose on December 26, 2020, were given a dose of 50mcg and the remainder got a dose of 25 mcg. All volunteers are now in a stable condition.

Vietnam has so far gone through more than half of its first stage of clinical vaccine trials.

Associate Prof. Ho Anh Son, Deputy Director of the Military Medical University’s Institute of Biomedicine and Pharmacy, said the test results 7,14 and 28 days after the injection showed that the vaccine is capable of producing immunity and ensuring safety.

Out of over 500 applicants for the vaccine trial, more than 200 underwent health check-ups, from whom 51 people were eligible for the first stage.

The second stage, beginning in February, is expected to see trials on 400-600 people aged between 12-17.

The Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology will also join in the vaccine research.

The third stage, scheduled for August, will see trials on 10,000-30,000.

If successful, Vietnam will begin mass production of the COVID-19 vaccine in early 2022.