Top ideal tourism spots that should not be missed in Lao Cai

2/11/2021| 17:30

Lao Cai is considered as a tourism ‘paradise’ of the northwestern region because stopping at any destination, tourists can easily immerse themselves in the scenery’s beauty. Let’s temporarily put aside life hustle and work fatigue to explore ideal tourist destinations in the province.

1.The paradise of Bac Ha terraced fields

The first stop we want to introduce is Bac Ha terraced fields. It is joked that there are rice fields in the lowlands, why must we travel to Lao Cai to see?

You will find the answer when witnessing beautiful golden terraced fields winding around the hillside in Bac Ha. The golden color of the ripe rice, light yellow color where the fields are covered by the light shade of the hills, the green color of the palm trees, and the ‘cool’ color of the stream. All are combined into a beautiful landscape painting drawn by a talented artist. Tourists will surely have an amazing photo album once they visit the fields.

Bac Ha terraced fields look like a picture covered with gold.

2. Y Ty Market

There are many other beautiful destinations in Lao Cai. One of them is Y Ty, a mountainous commune in Bat Xat District standing at the height of over 2,000m above the sea level.

This is an ideal place for backpackers to hunt clouds. Majestic mountains hidden behind white clouds make everyone's mood like flying with the clouds. After hunting clouds in Y Ty, you should visit the local market fair. Y Ty Market held every Saturday is where you can feel beauty of the northwestern region’s culture, enjoy delicious food, sing with local people and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere.

Photo Caption: Y Ty Market is bustling.

3. The majestic beauty of Fansipan Mountain

Another ideal place to stop by in Lao Cai is the top of Fansipan Mountain. If Bac Ha rice field is called the "golden field", Phan Xi Pang is a "silver mountain peak". This is the highest mountain in three Indochina countries, so it is called the "roof of Indochina". In the local language, Fansipan is called "Hua Xi Pan" which means ‘a giant teetering rock'. Fansipan has an altitude of up to 3,143m and stands like an island in the middle of a sea of clouds. It is a proud feeling for those who stand on the top of Fansipan, hold a red flag with a yellow star in the middle and chant two words "Vietnam".

Fansipan Moutain.

4. Hoang A Tuong Palace

Saying goodbye to beautiful natural sceneries, tourists are welcomed to Hoang A Tuong Palace where the standard of luxury beauty in an ancient era is clearly preserved. This villa is located in the center of Bac Ha Town and has existed for more than 100 years. The palace designs are mixed between Asian and European styles. Having a total area of ​​​​up to 4000sq.m, the palace owns the shape of a closed rectangle with 36 rooms. Visiting Hoang A Tuong Palace which is like a magnificent white castle on a high mountain, tourists will feel like they are being lost in an ancient world. You will also feel proud of the beauties created by our ancestors which are still preserved until today.

Photo Caption: The ancient beauty of Hoang A Tuong Palace.

5. Buckwheat flower fields

In the autumn, Lao Cai has not only golden rice fields, cloud hunting, mountain climbing, but also buckwheat flowers. Many tourists will be surprised with buckwheat flowers in Lao Cai because the flowers are more well known in Ha Giang. Since ancient times, local people in the highlands of Lao Cai such as Si Ma Cai and Bac Ha have grown buckwheat plants for food. Then the buckwheat flower fields have become attractions where tourists come to take photos.

In Bac Ha, buckwheat flowers are grown on terraced fields.

We have taken you around ideal stops in Lao Cai - a "golden land" of nature.  There are countless other interesting places in the province. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the heaven and the earth, welcome to Lao Cai./.