Vietnamese Lychee Go Global

16/6/2022| 14:17

On June 16th, 2022 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Information and Communications in coordination with the People’s Committee of Bac Giang Province, People’s Committee of Hai Duong Province and VnExpress organized the Forum “Vietnamese Lychees Go Global”, as well as the opening ceremony of the accompanying digital expo.

This program is aimed at finding ways to bring Vietnamese lychee closer to consumers all around the world, and to provide easy access to Vietnamese lychee for oversea markets.

Vietnamese Lychee Go GlobalForum “Vietnamese Lychees Go Global”, as well as the opening ceremony of the accompanying digital expo

Vietnam is regarded as having many favorable conditions for developing agricultural products with unique and distinct sub-regional characteristics (lowlands, hills, highlands, and coastal areas). It is blessed with abundant natural resources and a diverse range of tropical products, including lychee, which is popular among Vietnamese and international tourists. Lychee products are not only popular within Vietnam but also exported to many markets around the world through various methods ranging from traditional marketplaces to e-commerce platforms. This significantly contributed to the success of agricultural exports in 2021.

This accomplishment is the result of the Vietnamese government’s innovation in and commitment to agricultural restructuring, shifting towards promoting advantages, being in line with market demand, adapting to climate change, and developing a system that meets VietGAP criteria. At the same time, promoting new enhanced programs for rural communities, such as improving accommodation, investing in new irrigation systems and building dikes, ... is one of the most important factors which have led to the success of agricultural exports.

2022 is forecasted to be a bumper harvest for Vietnamese lychee, with an estimated production of about 320,000 tons. Bac Giang province, the country’s largest lychee-producing region, with an area of over 28,300 hectares, is expected to send out about 180,000 tons this year. Hai Duong province, which contains 9,000 hectares of lychee is also predicted to reach 60,000 tons of lychee production output, with 100 percent of the growing areas oriented towards a clean and safe manufacturing process.

Lychee ripens in a short period of time annually from May to July, with large yield and short harvesting time. Therefore, it is critical to establish trade, expand into various available markets, search for new promising markets, and diversify distribution channels to ensure trouble-free consumption. Especially, the goals of expanding the lychee export markets to increase product values, thus raising the local people’s income and economic growth, are considered priorities.

At the moment, Vietnamese lychee, with two famous special cultivation regions: Thanh Ha (Hai Duong province) and Luc Ngan (Bac Giang province), has been distributed in over 30 countries and regions. However, in order to provide high quality lychee products for high-demand markets, which in Vietnam are often called “picky” markets, farmers, engineers, enterprises, and state authorities are required to co-operate and build strong and rigorous protocols, from choosing the soil and caring for the plants to the production line and consumption.

At the Forum, representatives from the two main lychee-producing provinces, Hai Duong and Bac Giang, brought valuable and necessary presentations to provide useful information about the orientation of safe lychee growing regions in local areas, as well as solutions to realize the goal of expanding the lychee export market. The representative of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong province presented its case of “Maintaining readiness and quality assurance to bring Vietnamese lychee to the world”, which covers the progressive roadmap of Hai Duong’s lychee. Next, the representative of the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province presented its case of “Bac Giang’s lychee will conquer international markets”, sharing cooperative models for pushing lychee consumption, as well as ensuring high quality products to meet the standards of the importing countries. At the same time, the Forum also organized trade promotions in order to introduce Vietnam’s lychee specialty to international consumers.

Within the Forum’s framework, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, lychee growing co-operatives, and lychee exporting corporations discussed the process of cultivating and maintaining clean and appetizing lychee, as well as the development of the lychee consumer market in the upcoming conference featuring “The solution to the problem of exporting Vietnamese lychee”. Speakers concentrated on the main issues of meeting the required standards for lychee products in various markets and solutions to the expansion of markets and the increase of lychee exporting production output.

With the consumers’ ever increasing needs for online shopping on modern e-commerce platforms, the utilization of digital technologies is more and more instrumental in many domains of our society. In the Forum’s framework, the Digital Expo of “Vietnamese Lychee go Global” has been organized in order to introduce lychee products in particular and other agricultural products in general to diplomatic bureaus, international organizations, domestic and global enterprises, partners and national/international journalists.

Through lychee promoting media events, the Forum and the Digital Expo, the Ministry of Information and Communications wishes to support the market expansion process, promote lychee and lychee-made products exports to new international markets, and encourage Vietnamese people from all around the world to prioritize using Vietnamese products while at the same time creating interesting and impressive experience for guests attending the event. From there, we can form connections to diversify the Vietnamese agricultural market.

Ministry of Information and Communications