RoK resumes the granting of visas to foreign tourists

24/5/2022| 21:01

The Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Vietnam has announced that the Republic of Korea (RoK) will resume issuing short-term travel visas to foreign tourists from June 1, 2022, following two years of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

RoK resumes the granting of visas to foreign touristsThe ancient house of Bukchondaek in Andong, RoK. (Photo: KTO Vietnam)

Recently, the short-term C-3 visa was granted only for the purpose of diplomacy, government affairs, investment, or other humanitarian reasons; but now it will be expanded to all subjects such as group tourists, self-sufficient tourists, visiting relatives, commercial, etc.

According to the KTO, visa regulations are divided into two levels depending on the urgency of the epidemic prevention work in each country: normal countries (level 1) and countries that need attention (level 2).

For tourists coming from normal countries (level 1), the RoK will issue a short-term C-3 tourist visa. In addition, the multiple-entry visa (Multiple Visa) is also in effect again. Multiple Visas issued before April 5, 2020, are still valid for use.

For those who come from countries that need attention (level 2), they need to continue to apply for a special purpose visa. However, at present, there are no countries at level 2. The RoK's visa registration regulations may change based on the epidemic situation in each country.

With the re-issuance of Korean tourist visas, KTO in Vietnam simultaneously launched the "Travel to Korea Begins again" campaign with various activities for Vietnamese tourists and offered special support for travel companies to promote the recovery of the Korean tourism market in Vietnam.